Kettler Speedy Balance Bike Review

Kettler Speedy Balance BikeKettler Speedy 12.5-inch Balance Bike Review
Our rating: 4.5 stars

The Kettler Speedy balance bike is designed to be the very first bicycle for a small child. It’s one of the few balance bikes to be declared safe for under 3s, with a target age range of 2-4. Many children are asking for a bike before their third birthday, and this could be the perfect choice.
So how does it measure up? Do kids like it, and what do parents think? Let’s take a look in more detail.

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Kettler Speedy Bike Features

* Frame is of steel tubing
* Scratch resistant
* Padded seat, adjustable height
* Ball-bearing mounted wheels
* Looks like a real bicycle
* Handlebar brake (not on Rallye edition)
* Age range: 2-4

Kettler Speedy Balance Bike Review

The Kettler Speedy Balance Bike comes in pink, blue or a special Kettler Speedy Rallye red edition, and it’s a toy that your child could become obsessed with! Whether indoors or out, in the garden or the street, a lot of kids want to take their bikes everywhere.

Kettler Speedy balance bikesOf course, it should only be used under adult supervision, and you’ll need to lay down some ground rules if going out on the street with it. But one reviewer said they hadn’t used their child’s buggy since getting him a Kettler Speedy Rallye, because he insisted on going everywhere on the bike.

It’s light enough for an adult to pick up and carry if you end up having to bring it home after dropping your child at nursery. Of course you’ll need to lay down some ground rules for safety if you allow them to ride it in the street, and always make sure there is an adult with them and they stay close.

You’ll also want to get a toddler cycling helmet for safety. Even if they are only using the bike indoors or on grass at first, it’s good to get them in the habit of thinking that riding a bike means wearing a helmet.

Balance bikes, as you probably know, look like grownup bicycles except there are no pedals. A child sits on the saddle and scoots along with their feet pushing on the ground. This can mean a certain amount of wear and tear on shoes, especially if they scuff their shoes along the ground to slow down, which is necessary if there are no brakes.

The Kettler Rallye doesn’t have brakes, but the regular Kettler Speedy 12.5-inch in pink or blue does have a rear wheel brake operated from the handlebars like real bicycle brakes. That’s a bonus for parents and might be a good reason for picking the 12.5-inch edition over the Rallye, which has 10-inch wheels. Even if your child doesn’t use the brake that much, having it there could teach them a useful skill that they’ll need for real cycling later. And it could save shoe leather!

The majority of balance bikes are designed for children from age 3 up. This is another plus point for the Kettler Speedy, with a recommended age range of 2-4. Many children are asking for their first bike at age two, and this would be a good choice, as it’s designed to be both small enough and safe for a two-year-old.

The saddle is adjustable so you can raise it as your child grows. Of course, kids will still grow out of it within a few years, but by age 4 most kids are ready to start tackling a bike with pedals and trainer wheels.

The only downside to this Kettler balance bike is that the assembly instructions could be improved and some parents had trouble keeping the saddle from slipping when adjusted to a higher level. The handlebars are easy for little hands to grip, and there’s a pad you can fit to the middle of the handlebars for safety if they fall forward against the front.

All in all, the Kettler Speedy balance bike is an excellent first bicycle for little ones, and a toy that most kids will absolutely love.

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Our rating: 4.5 stars

Published 28 November 2014

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