LeapReader Reading and Writing System

LeapReader boxedOur rating: 4.5 stars

The LeapReader reading and writing system is one of the newer models of the Leapfrog range of electronic toys. Unlike other electronic readers, the LeapReader can teach kids how to write as well as how to read with comprehension. Most kids who are just learning to read and write will enjoy using it and have plenty of fun while they learn. Let’s have a closer look to see what this toy offers.

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LeapFrog LeapReader Read and Write System Features

• Teaches reading comprehension, vocabulary, and phonics
• Encourages listening skills
• Comes with LeapReader workbook and special paper for practising writing skills
• Includes downloads: one audio book bundle, one music album, one trivia challenge pack
• Over 150 more audio books and games available to download (payment required)
• Compatible with LeapReader books and Tag books
• UK version uses British English
• Age range 4–8

LeapReader Reading and Writing System Review

LeapReader boxedThe LeapReader read and write system aims to help children to learn reading skills, comprehension, pronounciation, vocabulary, and the physical skill of writing, but in a fun way. Experts have said that children’s skills in all areas of language will improve if they learn to read and write at the same time, instead of learning to read first and write later as many kids do. With the LeapFrog LeapReader, your child should have every opportunity to become a strong and independent reader.

The goal of this clever educational toy is to set up the foundations of reading in such a way that kids can easily sound out a word. This means better reading and comprehension. This goes along with listening to different characters’ voices and sound effects in the LeapReader books, which is great in getting your child involved in reading of a story.

LeapReaderWhen you order the LeapFrog LeapReader you can choose a green or pink pen. With this special pen kids can write in the LeapReader workbook or the included additional LeapPaper and the system knows if they have completed the task successfully. It’s a great way for kids to practise forming their letters with instant feedback.

There is one thing to be aware of when purchasing this educational electronic toy. Content is not automatically synced to the pen. You will need to manually download updates every time, which can be complicated for younger children and means it’s best if parents first switch the LeapReader on and check it before kids start using it.

You get a certain amount of reading/listening material included and then you can buy refills or download more audio books for an additional charge. It would be good to have more in the first place of course but at least this way you get the choice. You don’t have a lot of stuff that doesn’t interest your child and it keeps the price of the basic equipment down. Keep in mind that downloading materials can get complicated if you have more than one of these pens in your house.

Overall, the LeapReader reading and writing system is a good method to encourage reading, writing and most importantly, reading comprehension in children. Kids love electronic toys which adds extra fun to the learning process for them. The pen is solid and durable and it seems like a very good educational toy for a young child who is just learning to read and write.

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Our rating: 4.5 stars

Published 30 October 2013

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