Lego Legends of Chima Lion Temple Review

Our rating: 5 stars
Chima Lion Chi TempleThe Legends of Chima Lion Chi Temple kit is another in the long line of Chima products made by Lego. This customizable building block kit, set number 70010, includes seven miniature figures that will be familiar characters to Chima fans.

It represents a battle taking place between several tribal leaders at the Lion Temple, in the quest for the Chi Orb. Let’s look behind the scenes of the Lion Chi Temple and see whether this set is as good as it sounds.

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Legends of Chima Lion Chi Temple Reviews Video

Lego Chima Lion Chi Temple Main Features

* Includes a rotating tower cannon
* Contains 7 miniature figures, each with weapon
* 2 Standard weapons and 4 Chi weapons
* Lion gate that slams and throws a drawbridge trap
* Reptile raider with biting mouth and rubber track
* Age range: 8-14

Lego Chima Lion Temple Review

Lego Chima Lion Chi Temple boxedDepicting an epic battle, this incredibly detailed Lego building blocks kit does a really good job teaching mathematics, engineering and science technology while also allowing your child to have fun with his imagination. It’s not easy to build but for children of 8 and up it will teach them patience and practical construction skills.

Familiar characters from previous Lego Chi kits are present. In fact there are seven Chima figures equipped with weapons included in this set. They are Crawley, Cragger, Ewald, Longtooth, Laval, Lagravis and Razar. The theme of this set is the fight for the sacred Chi orb, located at the top of the Lion Temple.

Many of the platforms and structures actually move in this set, including Lion Temple’s drawbridge and the attached trap. The lion claw bikes and other vehicles move effortlessly, and the tower cannon rotates. The set also includes a rotating king’s throne, an eagle drone fighter, secret entrances where ambushes can be set up, and a tower prison with a special golden key.

There are 1,258 pieces, so assembly is detailed and takes some time, but it’s very rewarding because there’s so much detail in the set. The lion especially has some stunning details.

This is a big set when boxed as you’ll realize if you watched the video above – the child disappears behind the box when he tries to pick it up! You’ll need a place to keep it when it’s built, but you can fold the walls to store it.

The Lego Legends of Chima Lion Chi Temple set offers a huge amount for its mid-level price range. With its working drawbridge and traps, canons, towers and prisons it has a lot that will appeal to preteen and young teenage boys, especially if they are Lego collectors. Your young ones will learn a lot about technology and engineering while building this detailed and in-depth set, one that is perfect for both Lego and Chima fans. We think it’s an excellent set and very good value for money.

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Our rating: 5 stars

Published on 9 October 2013

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