Lego City Coast Guard Patrol Review

Lego Coast Guard Patrol boxedOur rating: 5 stars

The Lego Coast Guard Patrol building set (#60014) is one of the newest to be released in the Lego City series. This particular set has many different items to build and play with, for very creative fun. With so many ways in which your child can use their imagination, the Lego City Coastguard Patrol seems a great option for any child. But let’s have a closer look at what this set has to offer.

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Lego Coast Guard Patrol Review Video

Lego Coastguard Patrol Set 60014 Features

• Big coastguard patrol boat
• 2 water cannons
• Helicopter
• Dinghy that floats on water
• Lighthouse
• Submarine with launchers and a radio antenna, including propellers that turn
• 6 minifigures
• Total 449 Lego pieces
• Ages 5-12

Lego Coast Guard Patrol Review

Lego Coast Guard Patrol boxedThe storyline used for this Lego set is the City Coast Guard responding to a call regarding a couple in a sinking dinghy with three sharks swimming nearby. Your child can choose to launch a submarine and helicopter to rescue the couple by securing them with life preservers and pulling them safely into the helicopter. The sharks can then be scared away with water cannons.

All items made with the Lego pieces fit together strongly so your child can enjoy longer hours of play without having to fix what he or she built all of the time. The Coast Guard boat is large for a more realistic imaginative playtime. In addition, you can play with the set in the bathtub to support the storyline. You can also buy more Lego City sets such as the police station or train station to go along with this set and create an entire Lego city.

Lego Coast Guard PatrolAs well as the coastguard patrol boat, submarine and helicopter, the Lego City Coast Guard Patrol set includes many accessories to complement them. You get sharks, a dog, crab, two life preservers, two life jackets, a walkie-talkie, a hat with headphones, and even ice cream. On top of that of course you have the six minifigures including ship’s captain and crew member, helicopter pilot, rescuer, and the man and woman in the sinking dinghy.

Lego sets are always great for encouraging development of motor skills and imagination. This set can be used as an educational toy too, because you can take the opportunity to teach your children about safety in water while they are playing at being the one to rescue the drowning couple!

With the Lego City Coast Guard Patrol, Lego have maintained their reputation with durable pieces that engage the minds of children and plenty of different things to do. This big Lego set is definitely worth buying for children in the 5+ age range for hours of fun and imaginative play.

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Our rating: 5 stars

Published 29 October 2013

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