Little Henry and Little Hetty Review

Little Henry with accessoriesOur rating: 3 stars

Children love to do what they see the grownups doing and “help” their parents in the house! With the Little Henry toy vacuum cleaner and his sister Little Hetty, they can have the impression of doing exactly that.

Little Henry and Little Hetty allow children to help with the cleaning and they look very cute. But are they are really a lot of fun, and do they actually work as vacuum cleaners? Let’s see what customers have said.

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Little Henry Review Video

(Note: Little Henry is not designed for children as young as this, but for age 3+)

Little Henry and Little Hetty Features

Little Henry and Little Hetty* Comes in red (Little Henry) or pink (Little Hetty)
* Brush and pan included
* Low-powered suction
* Retractable power cable
* Hose attachments
* Uses 4 C batteries (not included)
* Age range 3-8 (we think 3-4)

Little Henry Vacuum Review

Little Henry with boyThe Little Henry and Little Hetty toy vacuum cleaners are great for toddlers age 3 or 4 to pull around at the same time as their parents are vacuuming in the house. However, these toys are small and we don’t think they will really suit kids right age up to the age of 8, which is what the makers suggest. You can see that the hose would not be long enough for the boy in the picture if he was standing upright – which is probably why they’ve taken his picture sitting down!

Little Hetty and Little Henry vacuums have a low-powered suction action that is supposed to be able to pick up like little bits of paper or small polystyrene beads. These are sucked into a removable drawer that you can empty into the bin or onto the floor for the cleaner to pick up again.

One strange feature is that the on/off switch on the top of the Little Henry or Little Hetty doesn’t work, and instead there is a power switch on teh bottom of the cleaner. This is presumably another safety measure to stop children being able to switch it on in dangerous situations, but it would be better not to have switch on the top that doesn’t work. It’s just confusing for kids.

These toy vacuum cleaners are designed for toddlers and could be a great toy for a small child to pull around the house imitating adults vacuuming. Some kids love it. But when you order it, don’t have high expectations of its functionality as a vacuum.

The suction has to be low-powered to be safe, but customers say that it’s frustrating for the child because it just doesn’t pick up easily enough to be satisfying. Another problem with Little Henry and Little Hetty is that they are so light, they fall over a lot when they’re being pulled along. According to many buyers, their hose attachments do not fix on firmly but easily come off when kids are using them. Some parents have glued everything together in the end to stop this happening.

The bottom line is that if your own vacuum cleaner is a Henry or a very similar-looking vacuum cleaner, your child may love to have one just like it and that will make this purchase well worthwhile – especially for a smaller child (age 3 or 4). If not you might want to look at other toy vacuum cleaners.

Our rating: 3 stars

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Little Henry and Little Hetty Review

Published 18 April 2013

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