Magna-Tiles 100 Piece Set Review

Valtech Magna Tiles 100 Piece Clear Colours Set Review
Our rating: 5 stars
Magna-TilesMagna-Tiles® are magnetic tiles that kids can use to create all kinds of constructions. They come in different colours and shapes, and can be fitted together to build anything from castles to bizarre creatures, easily and quickly.

The Magna-Tiles 100 clear colors set contains 100 tiles, enough for more than one child to play together. They even learn geometry at the same time. But this MagnaTiles set comes at a price. Is it worth it? Here you can find out what other consumers thought.

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MagnaTiles 100 Piece Set Features

* Magna-Tiles 100 piece set includes 5 different geometric shapes:
* 50 small squares (3 x 3 inches)
* 4 large squares (6 x 6 inches)
* 20 equilateral triangles
* 15 isosceles trianges
* 11 right-angled triangles
* Age range: 3 to 12 or even older

Magna-Tiles 100 Piece Set Review

The MagnaTiles Clear Colors 100 piece set is a huge pack of magnetic tiles that allow almost unlimited possibilities. Kids can easily fit them together to create all kinds of constructions – not only buildings, but other shapes too. They have magnets around the edges to hold them together and you can create either flat designs on a table top, or 3D constructions.

Magna-Tiles clear colours seem to be the most popular, but they do come in opaque colours too. They’re found in schools as well as homes, and many families end up buying more than one set – but you shouldn’t need to do that if you start with this big 100 piece set, unless you have a huge family or a lot of parties!

Magna-Tiles collageMagnetic tiles have long term play value, since kids can put something together for whatever other toys they are currently into. A 3-year-old will probably just make random shapes, but they’ll start to learn about geometry right away, with even the youngest kids figuring out that two right-angled triangles make a square.

In fact, there are tons of geometrical possibilities because of the 3D option. The other types of triangles can be put together to make diamond shapes or six-sided figures on the flat, but using different pieces, you can make cubes and pyramids.

Some parents even bought Magna-Tiles for kids under 3, and those very small children loved them too, but it’s not recommended because under-3s might chew them and swallow pieces.

To demonstrate some of the ways that Magna-Tiles sets can be used in games with other toys, one parent said that her daughter would build all kinds of things from them, including homes for Weebles and other small figures, cages, prisons, rocket ships, garages – the possibilities are endless. The advantage of having the MagnaTiles clear colors set is that they’re translucent, i.e. you can see through them – so you can see your Lego Stormtrooper inside his prison, or whatever.

As we write this, the Magna-Tiles 100 Piece Clear Colors set has a rating of 4.9 on from over 850 reviews, which is a stunning score. They’re not cheap but considering the long term play value (many years) and the number of tiles you get in this set, it’s very good value. We’ve seen so many happy customers for any product on Amazon!

So all in all, we have no hesitation in recommending these versatile and education magnetic tiles construction set for almost any child, boy or girl, and for all ages. If you’re in the UK, at the time of writing you’ll find it’s cheaper to buy Magna-Tiles from in the USA, but we hope that will soon change. Check the updated prices and alternatives using the links below.

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Our rating: 5 stars

Published 18 December 2014

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