New Furby Review

purple-furbyFurby 2012 Review

Our rating: 4.5 stars

Doesn’t it seem like just yesterday that the original Furby was released? Can you believe it was back in 1998 – 14 years ago? It’s time to make way for the new generation! Furbies have had a major makeover and they’re back – with a vengeance! It looks like the new Furby is going to sell out again before Christmas, so if you (or your child) want one, you should order now.

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New Furby Video

I like this video because it shows the eyes. I’ve put up some more new Furby videos on other pages showing evil Furby, Furbies dancing and such, but in the other videos the camera has trouble picking up the expressive eyes because they light up. Here we have them. And what else is new in Furby 2012?

Furby WhiteWhat’s New In The New Furby

The new Furby “has a mind of its own” according to manufacturers Hasbro. It has likes and dislikes – as you’ll discover. It may not always behave the way you want. It responds to how it’s treated – like a pet, its personality is shaped by what you do to it.

The new Furbies come in ten colors (see the new Furby colors here). As to the personalities, there are 6. They are all the same out of the box, but they can develop different personalities. They will interact with each other and they don’t always get along. Best of all – they can learn English!

A new Furby starts out speaking only Furbish, but just like a baby, the more you talk to it, the more English it will learn.

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Age range

Hasbro recommend this for age 6 and up. If you see 6 months on any websites, it’s a mistake: it’s 6 YEARS. Furby has small parts and is not safe for babies.

There’s no upper age limit and the new Furby is a huge hit with young adults in their teens and twenties. My niece at college would definitely love one!

New Furby Review: Is The New Furby Worth Buying?

Furby TealThe Furby is back with a vengeance! It’s taking the toy world by storm and is already the top-selling toy for Christmas 2012 on a lot of stores’ lists.

If you’ve met one of the old generation Furbies, you’ll know how cute they are. They move, talk in their own language, and such. Kids love them because they are so responsive. It’s like having a real pet – except you don’t have to clean up after them!

Their language is called Furbish and you can access a dictionary online or in the form of an app for iPhone, iPod or iPad. When your new Furby arrives, that’s all it will speak. But as it gets to know you and hears you (or your child) talking English, it will learn to speak English too, just like a real person.

The app also allows you to feed your Furby (a lot like other animatronic pets) and interact with it in other ways.

The new Furby can develop a range of personalities. If you cuddle your Furby a lot, it will develop a cute, cuddly personality. If you feed it all the time, it will develop a big, tough personality. This makes it even more realistic. To a kid, Furbies seem to have minds of their own.

Personality is expressed by what they say and also in the eyes. The eyes are the big difference between the look of the new and older Furbies – you’ll notice that right away if you had an old one. These eyes are real expressive of different emotions and they add a lot to the toy.

Even more fun is if you have more than one Furby in the family. Like real brothers and sisters, they interact with each other. They may get along – or they may not!

Furby PinkWhat’s Not To Like?

While pretty much anyone can’t help loving a Furby, there are a couple things that we think Hasbro can improve on for the next model. With these improvements we’d give it a 5 star rating.

First, volume control would be nice. The Furby doesn’t come with an off switch. To keep it quiet you have to either take out the batteries or put it somewhere dark and let it go to sleep. Luckily it doesn’t wake up until you move it, so you are guaranteed peace – at least until the kids find it again!

Second, the app is GREAT and it’s free but it only works for Apple products right now (iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone with operating system 4.2 or later). They probably have a version in development for android phones and other computers – I hope so, because that would be a great addition.

New Furby Review: The Bottom Line

Our rating: 4.5 stars

The new Furby isn’t cheap but it sure is one of the must-have toys for Christmas 2012. Kids will love it and go on loving it – and a lot of adults will love it too!

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New Furby review

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