Penny Skateboard Review Complete Board

Penny Complete SkateboardPenny Complete 22-inch Skateboard Review
Our rating: 4.5 stars

Penny skateboards are well known retro plastic boards with a top class reputation. If you’re thinking about a board for yourself or as a gift, Penny boards should definitely be on your list.

Like most top skateboard brands, they’re not cheap, but deals are available, and the range of colours is astounding. However, customers did mention a couple of negative points, so let’s look more closely at what the reviews say.

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Penny Complete Skateboard Features

Penny Complete Skateboard colours* Fully assembled
* Choose from over 30 colours/designs
* Measures 57 x 15 cm (22.5 x 6 inches)
* Age range: 8 to adult (but taller teens and adults might want a longer board)

Penny Skateboard Review 22-inch Complete Board

With such a huge range of colours and painted designs, the Complete 22-inch range from Penny skateboards has something to offer virtually every skater.

Made of retro plastic, the boards are lightweight and compact, giving you a fast ride. They’re also easily portable and convenient to carry around.

Plastic boards can get a little slick on the surface compared with wooden boards, but Penny have a crosshatch design that helps with grip. Still, some skaters use grip tape on the top, especially if you’re likely to be skating in wet weather.

As long as you get a genuine Penny board, you’ll find it easy to get parts if you need to replace wheels or other items. However, there are some fake Penny boards around, so be sure to buy from a reputable seller and check the board before using it for the first time so it’s in good condition to return if you need to. Genuine Penny skateboards are made in Australia, and will say so. The fakes will come from other countries.

The Complete is a 22-inch skateboard, which is a standard size, perfect for most teens and shorter to medium height adult skaters. A 6-foot adult would probably want something longer – you can also get 27-inch Penny boards, as well as other plastic skateboard brands.

One negative point that many buyers mentioned was that the designs on the Penny Complete skateboard are painted on. The colors are not moulded into the plastic. So the paint tends to peel when the board is scratched or damaged, which of course happens pretty soon when you’re using it in the street. This is going to be true of any decorated skateboard, however, whether wood or plastic, and if it bothers you, just order a plain colour.

For a smooth, fast ride, with good manoeuvrability and a stunning retro look, Penny boards can’t be beaten. If you’re in the market for a new plastic/vinyl skateboard, the 22-inch Complete could be your dream come true.

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Our rating: 4.5 stars

Published 2 January 2015

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