7 Wonders Game Review

Our rating: 5 stars
7 Wonders thumbnailThe 7 Wonders board game is designed for older children (10+) and brings competition to a level that requires planning and strategy. What makes this game different from many board games for this age group is that each round of play is fast paced and most games are finished in less than an hour. This fast pace means that it doesn’t get boring or repetitive, as each game presents different goals and outcomes. Let’s take a closer look to see what 7 Wonders has to offer.

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Seven Wonders Game Main Features

• Family game for 3-7 players
• Most games last 30-60 minutes
• You get a rulebook
• 1 score pad
• 20 gold coins
• 40 silver coins
• 7 Wonder cards
• 49 Foundation cards
• 49 Growth cards
• 49 Apogee cards
• 42 flag tokens
• Age range: 10-14

7 Wonders Board Game Review

7 Wonders gameIn the 7 Wonders game, your goal is to raise a complete civilization around one of the greatest wonders of the world. Each player gets to be a leader of one of the seven cities of the ancient world. Your task is to gather various resources, build a military presence and create routes for commercial access to make your civilization the greatest.

In order to build the classical world cities, each player has the chance to pick one card that matches his or her goals. Once the player has chosen something, the pack of cards is passed to the next player. It moves fast and it’s generally a short game, sometimes only lasting half an hour. That’s what keeps everyone engaged. Nevertheless it’s not pure chance but requires some strategy and skill that you’ll learn once you get used to how the game works.

The game is best with 3-7 players but you can play with only two if you set up one “dummy” player and take turns at playing for that player. It’s also possible to play with more than seven if you order an expansion pack.

You should be aware that all the cards are very thin and can easily be damaged. Of course this is true of many board games. If you want to prevent it, you can either have the cards laminated or get some card sleeves to protect them.

There is some criticism of the rule book which is not always completely clear for people who have never played the game before. This is not a huge deal because you can easily check online or figure it out with somebody who has played the game before. Families often invent their own rules for games in any case!

In short, this is a good, entertaining board game that most people over the age of 10 can enjoy. In each game you have a different opportunity to build a strong civilization. There are different strategies you can use and several ways in which a city can be made more powerful. Some may be rich where others have a strong army. So your play can reflect your personality as well as your experience with the game.

The best thing about 7 Wonders in our opinion is that here you have a board game that keeps everybody interested and moves along quickly. It’s ideal for times when you just cannot face a 4-hour game of Monopoly. It’s good value for money and could easily become the favourite family game in your house.

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Our rating: 5 stars

Published October 23rd, 2013

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