Shopkins Small Mart Supermarket Playset Review

Shopkins UK Toys: Small Mart Supermarket Playset Review
Our rating: 5 stars

Shopkins SupermarketShopkins are adorable little creatures that appeal to children of all ages. In this Shopkins Mart supermarket playset you get plenty for both Shopkins and kids to do.

It’s bright and colourful, and it includes a scanner-style checkout, twisting slide for Shopkins or their purchases, a shopping trolley, and two Shopkins characters hidden inside their bags. It comes at a good price, too. So how does it measure up?

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Shopkins Playsets: Supermarket Features

* Supermarket playset in bright pastel colors
* Shopping trolley, shelves, checkout and delivery chute
* 2 exclusive Shopkins characters included
* Collect more Shopkins toys to play in the shop
* Comes with a collector’s guide
* Age range: 5-8 (we think some older kids will love them too)

Shopkins Small Mart Supermarket Playset Review

If you have kids that love helping you out in the supermarket, they’ll love playing shop for themselves with this Shopkins toys playset. Shopkins are cute little beings that are made of plastic. They come in shopping bags and inhabit a supermarket just like this one.

Different Shopkins characters ‘live’ in different areas of the supermarket. They may be designed for the bakery section, fruit and veg, pantry, health and beauty, frozen food or the sweet treats section. They feature in the Shopkins animated internet cartoon show, and a lot of kids will know about them from there.

You get two exclusive Shopkins characters in their bags with this playset, and there are over a hundred of them for you to collect, so you can order more if you want. They mostly come in Shopkins blind bags containing 5 or 12 more Shopkins, depending on which size you choose. This set comes with a collector’s guide.

Shopkins with childThe playset is aimed at age 5 and over. Shopkins UK say age 5-8, but we think a lot of kids older than that will still enjoy Shopkins toys, because they are just the kind of thing that girls of all ages love to collect. A child of any age who already has some Shopkins would probably love to get this habitat for them. Just don’t buy them for kids under 5 because they could present a choking hazard.

The Shopkins supermarket playset has a pink checkout area on the right with a pretend scanner and conveyor belt. The swing doors are blue and on the left there’s a delivery chute that Shopkins themselves or other small toys can slide down. You get a shopping trolley to push them around in, and shelves where you can stack them.

This Shopkins toy was one of Toy Insider’s top Christmas toys for 2014. Kids will love the collectible aspect of the toys and will find plenty to do with their little shopper characters. The price of the Shopkins supermarket is very reasonable, too. So in summary, we can recommend this toy for any young shoppers you may be buying for.

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Our rating: 5 stars

Published 1 December 2014

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