SixBros Trampoline Review

SixBros Sport Trampoline – 14 Foot Professional Garden Trampoline With Safety Net

SixBrosTrampolineOur rating: 5 stars

Children love to bounce! If you want to stop them breaking your beds, why not get them a trampoline? With a SixBros trampoline in your back garden you’ll be able to keep your kids active and having fun without any need to nag them to get exercise.
It’s designed for safety too, with the enclosure preventing anybody falling off the side. There’s just one closeable way in and the frame is strong and sturdy. So let’s see what customers thought.

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SixBros Trampoline 14 ft Features

* Large 14 ft trampoline area
* Safety enclosure
* Galvanized steel frame for durability
* Poles are padded
* 5 W-shaped legs and 10 single legs for stability
* Rust resistant
* Safety tested by Intertek
* Recommended for use under adult supervision
* Weight limit 150 kg (330 pounds, approx 23 stone)

This review is for the 14 foot SixBros Trampoline: this might be too big for some gardens. You can see other sizes of SixBros Sport Trampolines here

SixBros Trampoline 14 ft Trampoline With Safety Net Review

Trampolines provide pretty much guaranteed fun. With its large size spring pad and safety enclosure, kids can happily and safely bounce away on this 14 ft trampoline for hours. The weight limit is high so it’s suitable for most adults too (one at a time!)

The main concern of parents with a trampoline is safety. Children can be injured playing on an open trampoline where they may fall off the side. It’s much safer to get one with a net enclosure. SixBros ‘SixJump’ trampolines come with a safety enclosure with padded poles to protect kids who may fall against the side. The enclosure has one door (which you should check that the child closes each time) so there are no gaps where a hand or leg could be caught, and no chance of falling off the side.

Assembly is easy, with tools and mounting kit provided. The frame is rust resistant and all materials are waterproof so it should last you a long time.

Customers at Amazon seem delighted with it. One customer wrote that it was a fantastic product, very well made, and after 2 previous trampolines this one was definitely the best. “Excellent value for money.”

What You Need To Know

The trampoline comes in 3 boxes which may not all be delivered on the same day, so don’t panic if you only receive a part delivery on the first day – the rest should be on the way. SixBros customer service is good if you need it, but give them a few days for the other packages to arrive.

This isn’t a cheap item but with a piece of equipment like this, you’re paying for quality. They do have smaller options which are cheaper, and you can check those out through the link below. It’s a significant purchase but with the possibility of giving years of fun, it’s well worth it!

The Verdict

With this in your garden, your house could be the most popular on the street! It’s a strong and safe trampoline designed to be fun for any child from age 6 right up to adulthood. It’s well made and should last you for many years. Highly recommended.

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Our rating: 5 stars

SixBros Sport Trampoline 14 ft Review

Published 12 June 2013

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