Skylanders Swap Force Characters Review

Skylanders Swap Force charactersOur rating: 5 stars

There are 16 new virtual and physical characters in the Skylanders Swap Force lineup and they can all swap their bottom halves along with their powers. Kids can play with the real-world action figures or integrate them with their video game console, just like with other Skylands characters.

The game is backwards compatible so you can use previous Skylanders figures with the new game, but kids are sure to want some of the new Swap Force characters too. Let’s make an in-depth examination of these new interchangeable Swap Force figures.

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Skylanders Swap Force Video

Skylanders Swap Force Characters Features

* 16 characters with swappable tops and bottoms
* Characters can be transported to the video game
* Play with physical figures or use them in virtual adventures
* 256 (16 x 16) possible swapping combinations
* Characters can be bought individually or in packs
* Starter packs available that include the game and portal
* Age: characters 6+, video game 7+ (PEGI rating, UK) or 10+ (ESRB, USA)

Skylanders Swap Force Figures Review

Skylander SWAP Force GameSkylanders action figures can be transported virtually to your Wii, Xbox, Nintendo 3DS or PlayStation through a special Power Portal connected via a USB cord. Your physical Skylanders character then enter the virtual version of the game. This unique dual aspect to the game has proven very popular with both kids and parents, who like the fact that children don’t have to be on the game console all the time to play with Skylanders.

The new Swap Force Skylanders adds another twist as you can swap and interchange bottoms and tops on these new pieces, creating different combinations of characters. This is great for children’s creativity because each of the new Swap Force figures has different characteristics and powers that are found in the upper and lower halves of their bodies, so when you swap the halves around you get new combinations of powers in the video game.

The new Skylanders Swap Force game and required Power Portal are available for all the major video game systems.

This “real life to video game” transporting of the characters allows kids to view their morphed creations performing actions and possessing powers they can see, hear and control, both in their imagination when they play with the physical characters and independently when they play on their console. The new abilities include teleporting, bouncing, flying and much more, allowing the characters to explore previously unreachable sections of Skylands terrain.

After you purchase a Starter Pack for your child’s particular video gaming system, you can play with the characters in that starter kit, and purchase additional adventure and battle kits and bundles of characters, or buy the characters one by one.

Old Skylanders characters will work with the new game but to upload the new Swap Force characters to the game you’ll need the new Skylanders Swap Force game and portal. New Swap Force character names are Blast Zone, Boom Jet, Doom Stone, Fire Kraken, Free Ranger, Freeze Blade, Grilla Drilla, Hoot Loop, Magna Charge, Night Shift, Rattle Shake, Rabble Rouser, Spy Rise, Stink Bomb, Trap Shadow and Wash Buckler.

If you have a young video gamer in the house who is already familiar with the Skylanders universe, the new game is sure to be a big hit. The swappable characters with improved and customizable virtual powers and abilities will stretch your child’s imagination and increase their enjoyment from the game.

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Our rating: 5 stars

Published on 13 October 2013

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