Step2 All Star Sports Climber Review

Step 2 ClimberOur rating: 4.5 stars

The Step 2 All Star Sports Climber is a compact slide and climbing toy that you can set up either inside or outside. This kind of activity with large play equipment is especially good at helping childen develop motor skills and it’s large enough to introduce your child to rock climbing, basketball and football.

It seems like a great option for energetic toddlers. Let’s have a closer look to see if there’s anything you need to know before you buy.

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Step2 Climber All Star Sports Slide Video

Step2 All Stars Sports Climber Features

• Climb up the rock wall type steps
• Slide down the other side
• Includes a basketball net with built-in scorekeeper underneath
• Comes with inflatable small size basketball, American football/rugby ball and soccer ball
• Offers a first introduction to different sports
• Teaches a child to climb, shoot baskets and kick
• Strong poly construction
• Assembly required
• Maximum weight of child: 60 pounds
• Age range: manufacturers say 2-8, we think 18 months – 4 years

Step2 All Star Sports Climber Review

Step 2 ClimberThe Step 2 All Star Sports Climber provides a good first climber and slide for toddlers while also offering basketball and football practice to slightly older children. It’s well made and sturdy to endure continuous play by toddlers. This toy is great in encouraging safe climbing and sliding for active toddlers. They’ll enjoy it and it’s quite easy for them to negotiate, and there’s plenty to play with, either alone or with a sibling or friend.

The climbing side is made like a very easy rock wall with foot holes rather than steps. Little kids don’t seem to have any trouble with this and most of them know what to do right away as you can see in the video. The slide provides a gentle slope that’s fun without being dangerous for them. With little kids you’ll just need to watch that they don’t try to climb through the hole at the top.

There’s also a “crawl space” underneath, a peek hole at the top and various sports equipment. The thing you’ll notice first is the basketball net on the side. This encourages kids to learn co-ordination and accuracy in their larger arm movements. When you first get the set your child may be too small to have much chance of shooting baskets accurately but that will soon change!

An easier option for young ones is to learn to throw the rugby ball/American football through one of the openings on the side of the climber. There’s also a soccer goal area although the back is solid and the net is just drawn on. So it offers a lot of sports options as well as the regular climbing up and sliding down that you can see in the video. However, we don’t think it will entertain kids up to 8 years old as the manufacturers suggest, but would be best for children from 18 months to about 4 years.

One thing to note is that this Step2 climber is not very easy to put together. Joining the plastic pieces takes some strength and it’s easier done with two people, so if you’re a single parent you may need to ask a friend to help. You’ll need something to inflate the balls. However, once it’s up, it is not too large and you can get it through most doors if you take off the basketball net. So you can move it around or have it indoors during the winter and outdoors in summer.

Once assembled, we think you’ll agree that the Step2 All Star Sports Climber is well worth the investment. The price is good, it’s a useful toy for active toddlers to play on either indoors or out, and most kids will use it day after day.

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Our rating: 4.5 stars

Published 4 November 2013

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