Step 2 Easel for Two Review

Our rating: 5 stars
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The Step 2 Easel for Two with Bonus Magnetic Letters/Numbers offers a convenient introduction to the world of expanded creativity and learning for young children. The two sides should mean they can share with a sibling or friend without fights. With so much to do on this easel, it looks to be a great option for kids. Let’s take a closer look to see what this toy offers.

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Step2 Easel for Two Video Review

Step2 Easel for Two: Main Features

• Magnetic board on one side and black chalk board on the other
• Both sides have a clip to hold paper for drawing and painting
• Deep trays for paint, paint brushes, markers, erasers and chalk (not included)
• Pencil ledge
• Bonus 77 foam magnetic numbers, letters and signs
• Folds for easy storage
• No assembly required
• Age range: 3-8

Review of the Step 2 Easel for Two with Bonus Magnetic Letters

Step 2 Easel for twoDrawing, painting and writing are part of the learning process for every child and an easel is something that can expand their boundaries and help them be creative more independently. The good thing about the Step2 Easel for Two that it makes things even more fun by having two sides that can be enjoyed either alone or with another child.

One of the best features of this Step 2 easel from an adult’s point of view is that no assembly is required. You can start using it right from the box. It folds flat easily too, so it can be tucked away somewhere when not in use. You’ll appreciate that if you don’t have the space for a lot of large play equipment.

The easel has a magnetic board on one side and a chalkboard on the other. On the magnetic side kids can begin to learn numbers and letters starting from around age three and continuing with more complexity as they start school and learn to read and write.

In the special package that we’re linking to you get 77 bonus magnetic letters, numbers and signs to start a child off with this process. They can rearrange the letters and numbers into any words or number sequences. With the aid of these you can first teach them the alphabet and counting, and later help them to refine their math and spelling skills. You should note however that you only get 1-3 copies of each letter in the pack, so kids who are able to make whole words will soon want more magnetic letters.

On the other side of this two-sided easel, your child can engage his or her creativity in drawing or learning on the chalkboard. They can also attach paper to either side of the board and create art works with markers, pencils or paints.

This is not a toy designed for children under the age of 3 due to the included small parts. However, 3 is just about the right age for a child to be starting to use something like an easel in any case.

All in all, this is an excellent piece of play equipment that more than one child can use at the same time without fights and interference. It’s the only easel many families will ever need and it is certainly a worthwhile purchase.

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Our rating: 5 stars

Published 23 October 2013

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