Teksta T-Rex Review

Teksta T-Rex Reviews
Our rating: 5 stars

Teksta T-RexThe Teksta T-Rex robotic dinosaur electronic pet has arrived, and he’s wowing the nation’s kids. Described as having a motion sensor, touch sensor, emotional intelligence and conversation mode, he can respond to many different styles of interaction. Make him walk, stop, roar, or even talk to you, as you like!

So how does this toy compare with others, such as Teksta’s own robotic puppy, or other robot dinosaur pets? Let’s take a look.

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Teksta T Rex Demo Video

Teksta T-Rex Features

* Responds to hand gesture commands and touch
* Eyes express how he is feeling
* Comes with a bone he will crunch and munch
* Takes 4 AA batteries (not included)
* Age range: 5+

Teksta T-Rex Robot Dinosaur Review

In 2013, Hamleys had the Teksta robotic puppy on their top Christmas toys list, and we were not that impressed because reviews were not so good. But toys can come a long way in 12 months, and the Teksta T-Rex is a whole different ball game, as they say. The T-Rex was included in Hamleys’ 2014 list, and it well deserves its place.

Teksta T-Rex 2Recently released but with almost clear 5 star reviews so far, this robotic dinosaur electronic pet does a lot more than his puppy cousin. He responds to voice, actions, motion, light and sound, including the sound of your voice. With different hand gestures, you can make him walk, stop, move his arms or roar.

He’s described as emotionally intelligent, and has sensors to tell him whether he’s being petted and played with, or ignored. He doesn’t like being ignored! He’ll whine, cry or roar to show how he’s feeling, and his eye patterns change too, so there’s no mistaking his mood!

When you feed him his bone, he’ll crunch it, munch, spit it out and give a massive belch. Kids love this kind of thing, and it will have a lot of adults rolling around too. If you stroke his face, he’ll roar and snap.

He even talks! If you switch him over to conversation mode, he’ll listen to what you say, understand it and reply. Like all voice recognition toys, he may have trouble understanding different accents, unusual voices and very young children. Note that he cannot move while he’s in conversation mode – one thing at a time for his poor prehistoric brain!

He’ll also respond to commands via an app that you can download for an iPad or Android tablet. He’ll go into tablet mode which you can take him out of by pressing his nose, or if he doesn’t receive a command from the app within one minute he’ll switch back to regular mode automatically. The app is a little limited by needing to stay close – you have to be within 18 inches of your robot dinosaur, and reduce any background noise to a minimum. So if you don’t have a tablet, don’t worry, you’re not missing that much.

The Teksta T Rex’s main rival will be Zoomer Dino, a green robotic dinosaur that moves on wheels rather than feet. You’ll see our review of that toy if you click on the link. So how do the two compare?

In fact, they’re very similar except in looks. Where Zoomer Dino comes in various colours including green and black with a convincing dinosaur head, the Teksta T-Rex is a less realistic red and white and has more of a ‘robot’ look to him. The Teksta offering is cheaper, and they both do pretty much the same things, except that Teksta T-Rex can talk.

Zoomer Dino requires training, while the Teksta T-Rex does all of his tricks right out of the box. For that last reason, perhaps the Teksta is a better choice for younger kids in the age range, say 5-7, but really, it’s a matter of choice. Take your pick according to what’s most important to you.

In short, kids will be over the moon with their robotic dinosaur pet – and a lot of older people will enjoy the Teksta T-Rex too. An excellent choice of gift.

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Our rating: 5 stars

Published 20 November 2014

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