Xbox One Review

Our rating: 4 stars
Xbox One thumbnailThe Xbox One is a lot more than just a video game system. It uses new live TV integration and other technologies to deliver a total connected entertainment experience. In the Xbox One, Microsoft have created a centrepiece for your living room that can combine video game play, sports, movies, TV, music and more into one console. Gaming performance is fast and you get voice and gesture controls, a second generation Kinect and PC tablet wireless control. So let’s look more closely at the Xbox One console.

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Xbox One Unboxing Video

Xbox One Features

* Cloud processing to boost power and gaming speed
* New Kinect controller included
* Live TV interaction and integration
* 8 AV and PC connector ports on the back

Xbox One Game System Review

The Xbox One was released head to head with Sony’s PlayStation 4 (see our comparison of Xbox One vs PS4 here). The Xbox One is more expensive and that may be considered a downfall in the eyes of some gamers (or their parents). But this new video game system does deliver several next-generation innovations.

For example, you can integrate live TV with the Xbox One thanks to the HDMI in, HDMI out pass-through technology. With this you can take over a cable box signal or receive live broadcast TV. This means you don’t have to constantly switch inputs whenever you want to move from TV to video games – a big time-saving convenience that you may soon wonder how you ever lived without.

The advanced triple-layered operating system means you only have to say “Xbox, TV” or “Xbox, game” to change between inputs. This cutting-edge technology means it’s very easy to use. There’s also a new generation Kinect. The instant switching ability is built in to the new Kinect, and it features a better camera than many other consoles.

The advanced Xbox One uses a more advanced sensor which can process 2GB of data per second and track up to six Kinect skeletons at once. Microsoft’s Time-of-Flight technology makes for a faster and more accurate interpretation of a player’s movements.

Xbox OneThe improved dual analog sticks are probably the biggest upgrade, although Microsoft list 40 innovative new features that weren’t in the Xbox 360. The sticks have a hard-to-drop micro-texture grip, and are much slimmer than the Xbox 360’s which seem clunky by comparison.

On the downside, the unit is very “boxy looking”, containing only a single slot loading disk drive on the front of the box. This does not affect the performance or features of the Xbox One system, but it may come in for some criticism – especially from PlayStation fans!

The Xbox One will attract gamers who want a faster and more realistic gaming experience along with TV entertainment integration. While it’s more expensive than some other console systems, the technological advancements and instant switching ability mean it’s a worthwhile purchase. And if you’re looking for the perfect “big gift” for your teen this Christmas, the Xbox One is probably it!

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Our rating: 4 stars

Published 13 October 2013

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