Xeno Ultra Review

Xeno Ultra baby monsterXeno Toy Review
Our rating: 4.5 stars

Xeno is the little baby monster who wants your love and demands your attention! Play with him and take good care of him, and he’ll respond. Your Xeno interactive toy wakes up wanting attention, eager to play. With many different moods, he can be happy, upset, grumpy, playful, hungry, unwell, disappointed, angry, sleepy, thoughtful or bored.
So is the Xeno toy a good purchase? Who’s going to love him, and who’s going to hate him? Let’s see what buyers think.

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Xeno Ultra Features

* Interactive monster electronic pet
* Responds to your play, care and treatment
* 8 touch and audio sensors
* Eyes have 40 different expressions
* Interacts with other Xenos
* Approx 20 cm tall
* Requires 4 AA batteries
* Age range: 5+

Xeno Ultra Review

Xeno Ultra is a new electronic pet who comes in a choice of three colours: violent, blue or orange. He’s scaly and rubbery looking, with big floppy ears and a repulsive green thing hanging from his nose – enough said about that, but of course it’s one of the things that many people (especially kids) will love about him.

Xeno Ultra coloursHe’s cute in a disgusting kind of way, with big eyes and a stupid grin, and of course, he’s interactive. Your Xeno toy monster electronic pet can do pretty much anything that you’d expect of this kind of toy.

His eyes have 40 different LCD expressions to show his mood. That’s a lot of different moods – and he is a moody creature! He can be anything from happy or playful to sick or angry, depending on how you care for him.

Xeno was one of Hamleys’ 10 top Christmas toys 2014. He responds to all kinds of treatment, with eight touch and sound sensors. He’ll talk to you of course, asking you if you want to play or telling you he’s hungry.

When it comes to play, there are 5 simple games you can play with Xeno in the physical world. Since he’s a baby monster, they’re the kind of games you might play with a toddler, like trying to put your finger in his mouth before he closes it, or repeating things he’s just done.

There’s also a free app you can download, to interact with Xeno Ultra on your screen. And if you have two Xeno electronic pets, or you have a friend who brings one to visit, they can interact. Just sit them facing each other, make sure neither one is tired, and after a moment they will start to talk to each other.

Xeno takes 4 AA batteries. Demo batteries are usually included, but they won’t last long when you switch him from demo mode to full mode, so you’ll need to have more on hand.

Babies need a lot of love and attention, and the Xeno baby monster is no exception! He gets hungry a lot, and he burps and farts, which of course kids will love! If you feed him too much, however, he gets sick. If you leave him alone, he will get bored, and call out for attention. If you still ignore him, he’ll fall asleep – but he may snore!

He’ll giggle if you tickle his feet, and if he hears music he likes, he’ll jiggle about in his own Xeno form of dancing.

So there’s a lot you can do with your Xeno Ultra toy monster. The only issue some parents had with it was that kids might get bored with it after a while – but that’s true of a lot of toys, and depends on the child’s age and interests. Perhaps best for the 5-7 age range, but we think a lot of older kids and young adults will love him too.

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Note: at the time of writing, he’s not available in the USA. The link leads to a search on Amazon, so when he’s out in the US, you’ll see him there.

Our rating: 4.5 stars

Published 22 November 2014

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