Zoomer Dino Review

Zoomer Dino Reviews
Our rating: 5 stars
Zoomer Dino
Dinosaur toys are always a big hit with kids – and so are electronic pets. If you combine them both by getting the Zoomer Dino for your child, you’re sure to have a happy child when your gift is opened!

He’s an ultra-cool electronic pet, but how does Zoomer Dino perform out of the box? Is there anything you should know before you buy? Read on to see what we think.

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Zoomer Dino Features

* Zooms around on 2 wheels
* Senses when you’re near and what you’re doing
* Gets angry if you pull on his tail
* Rechargeable battery in pet
* Controller requires 3 AAA batteries (not supplied)
* Age range: 5-10

Zoomer Dino Boomer Review

Zoomer Dino OnyxWhat more could a child want but a baby dinosaur of his or her own? Zoomer Dino comes in different models, including Onyx, Snaptail and Crimson, but we’re mostly looking at the basic green Dino Boomer in this review, because it’s the easiest to find and in many cases, the cheapest. However, if you click on one of our Amazon links, you’ll see them all. Pictured right is Zoomer Dino Onyx, who comes in his own tin storage case.

Zoomer Dino won the Innovative Toy of the Year award for 2014 and we think he well deserves it. He’s sleek, cute but also ferocious! He can chomp down with his jaws and wave his tail in a threatening way. Kids love that aspect – as long as they are in the target 5+ age range. He’s not recommended for under 3s because of small parts.

He balances on two wheels and moves around. With a little training, he can follow your child and respond to their gestures. He can sense when you’re near and will start interacting with you. But don’t expect him to be as cute as a puppy or kitten in his sounds and movements. He can roar, go wild and be a little monster at times!

The dinosaur itself is rechargeable, and a charge lasts for about 20 minutes of active play. He comes with a remote controller which takes 3 AAA batteries (not supplied). He makes plenty of prehistoric sounds, and his eyes light up in different colours according to his mood.

He runs best on solid floors, but will move on most carpets too. A thick pile rug would probably hold him up, however. You can train him to chase, dance, roar and chomp in response to different arm gestures, or you can control him with the controller. When he gets to know you, he becomes more friendly – but he does NOT like it if you pull on his tail!

The only downside to this extremely cool electronic pet is that he can be a little hard to figure out. The instructions are not that clear on this point, but he takes a while to train. Don’t expect him to do everything you want right out of the box. You can explain to a child that he’s like a real puppy – he has to get to know you before he responds to you. In a way, it’s more realistic, but little ones can get frustrated, and that’s probably why they’re aiming this toy at over 5s.

Kids will squeal with delight when he goes into angry mode. He can be scary, so watch them jump up on the couch to escape him! It’s all part of the fun, and if you have one or more kids aged around 5-10 or maybe even older, Zoomer Dino will be a great gift for them.

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Our rating: 5 stars

Published 20 November 2014

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